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[24 Aug 2006|02:00am]

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[17 Jul 2006|11:58pm]


Join sosceneee

Are you scene enough?!

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♥ For those scene kids

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This community Looks like its dying [15 Jul 2005|03:32pm]

This community looks like its dying, and I really can't find any good 'unique' and harsh rating communities, so if theres anyone here, please check out my BRAND NEW community. Yes, there are only 2 posts, but it's only been really up and running for like a day and a half, and every community has to start SOMEWHERE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Join ____bestfreaks! A rating community based on intelligence rather than looks. At ____bestfreaks, we are sick and tired of communities that judge by looks or musical tastes. We welcome the intellectuals, the freaks, the rejects, the unique! We may be harsh, but we only want the best freaks!

First Fifteen Applicants are Automatically Accepted!

I'm sorry if this is REALLY against any rule, and I will take it down if you want...
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[12 Jul 2005|03:15pm]

title or description
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application [06 Jul 2005|06:51pm]

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Application [29 Dec 2004|12:06am]

[ mood | determined ]

ApplicationCollapse ),

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yo [31 Oct 2004|02:08am]

[ mood | calm ]

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[12 Sep 2004|10:13am]

We were all In love, and we all got hurt.Collapse )
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All who post here... [14 Aug 2004|11:10pm]

Hey anyone who is still reading this and shizzy like that - no matter if you're stamed or not...

reply to this post... Im gonna go sort some stuff once you do!

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i'm the NEW kid [14 Aug 2004|10:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

you know what i'm gonna stick a banana up your noseCollapse )

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new, my app [09 Aug 2004|09:09pm]

appCollapse )
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[27 Jul 2004|06:08pm]

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hello im new!!..woocha~ [31 May 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

oo la la..clicky Collapse )

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check us out [28 Apr 2004|08:31pm]

Think that you are unique? We'll tell you the truth... check us out.


If you can't take the truth, don't apply.
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unique. [22 Apr 2004|10:12pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

dont forget to let your life rot you inside outCollapse )

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Psh. I'm so new. fresh meat. [23 Mar 2004|05:05pm]


Hey everyone! My name is Amanda, I'm 15 years old, and I live in Naperville Illinois. A very boring city. What i do. Hm. I attend a lame highschool, but I have fun in it anyway. I'm a freshman at Waubonsie Valley. What I do in my free time, i usualy sing, write, draw, listen to music, hang out with friends, play some basketball, read, and you know, just normal stuff.

Why I'm Unique: Maybe you get this alot, maybe not, but I'm going to be strait up honest with you, as I know you don't expect anything less then that. Anyway, I actually enjoy being who I am, and being in the body I'm in. So many people I know, hate their body or their personality, but I love myself for just being me. I'm a huge individual, and I do things my way. I'm not going to let someone else's opinion, change me, just because they may not like me. I wear what I want, and I have an open mind. I dont care what people say about me, or what they think of me, its just irrelevant information, that isnt going to get me anywhere in life. I have no sense of style, whatsoever. I will wear anything, as long as I'm comfortable in it, and I'm happy with it. I've been labeled "punk" or "skater" but I dont believe in all the stereotyping crap. I'm simply me. I do my own thing. I love the simple things in life, and money isn't important to me. I'd be happy with a tiny one bedroom apartment, and barely anything to fill it up, as long as I have something to write with, something to read, something to draw on, and I have music. Thats basically it. I love spending time alone to, not that I'm a loner, but sometimes, I feel the need to just be by myself, with nobody around. I accept anyone, and everyone, I dont care who you are, and I wont judge you. I'll get to know you first. Your looks, your social status,  your family or friends, dont contribute to anything for me. For some reason, I'd rather talk to people without ever seeing their face or their body, because I get to know the REAL them. Yeah. Thats about it. If you have any other questions you wanna ask about me, go ahead. I want you guys to get to know the real me.

I feel like that was ramblings. But i dont know.

( PICTURE this)Collapse )

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[14 Mar 2004|12:15pm]

Hello everyone out there, my name's John! WHAT'S YOURS? Haha, j/k, just a little gypsy there for yah babe, but anyways, like I stated prior, my name is John, I live in Camden, South Carolina, I'm 14 years old, I am a Freshman at Camden High School, I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and also a novice actor, I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantaic dinners, j/k ;) <3

I figure I'm unique, because I do things against the norm. I don't do things to please people and I don't do things just because "everybodys doing it" I do things that please myself, and if other people get pissed off, fuck them, I say, fuck them!

Oh yah, here's pics of loverly me!
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new and improved. [11 Mar 2004|09:03pm]

[ mood | amused ]

drinkin' drinkin' drinkin' drinkin' coca coca cola i can feel it rolling down, rolling right on down my throat.Collapse )

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[05 Mar 2004|02:09pm]

[ mood | curious ]

My name is Charlene. I am nineteen years old. What do I do? Well... I'm a free-lance journalist in south-east Michigan. I go to college,  I stalk funny people on the internet, and criticize everything.

A little different. I guess you could consider me different. At nineteen I have a two year old daughter (almost), rent a townhouse, recieve food stamps, care for sickly family members, and go to college. I write for local newspapers. I design websites. I am inlove with underdog actors like John Cusack, Bruce Campell, and Kevin Spacey. I *hate* the color pink, but my entire livejournal is pink. I am really pissy, super bitchy, and despite my "mature" nature I am prone to violence. I take motherhood very seriously. I refuse to wear anything that shows my legs. I always wear long sleeves, even in the summer. In high-school I was the ever so cool "gothy skater girl" or whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. I own an oddly large sized book collection, love literature and dramatic/demented artwork. I don't take peoples bullshit, and one day I will be a profoundly well known journalist and author o.O Does that help? heh.


frozen stills of a dramatic ice queenCollapse )

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.x.new.x. [05 Mar 2004|03:32am]



what i do:biology/pre-med at university of the sciences in philadelphia; rugby player; poet; musician; aspiring pediatric neurologist

what makes me unique:older brother of three black siblings and one native american sibling - three of which were adopted with severe mental handicaps; english minor at a science school; call 'soccer' by it's real name, 'football' and get upset when i am misunderstood; middle name is christian - i was raised jewish

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