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My name is Charlene. I am nineteen years old. What do I do? Well... I'm a free-lance journalist in south-east Michigan. I go to college,  I stalk funny people on the internet, and criticize everything.

A little different. I guess you could consider me different. At nineteen I have a two year old daughter (almost), rent a townhouse, recieve food stamps, care for sickly family members, and go to college. I write for local newspapers. I design websites. I am inlove with underdog actors like John Cusack, Bruce Campell, and Kevin Spacey. I *hate* the color pink, but my entire livejournal is pink. I am really pissy, super bitchy, and despite my "mature" nature I am prone to violence. I take motherhood very seriously. I refuse to wear anything that shows my legs. I always wear long sleeves, even in the summer. In high-school I was the ever so cool "gothy skater girl" or whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. I own an oddly large sized book collection, love literature and dramatic/demented artwork. I don't take peoples bullshit, and one day I will be a profoundly well known journalist and author o.O Does that help? heh.


My beautiful babygirl, Riley Adrian

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