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Name : Mary Kelly. (kelly is my last name, but everyone just uses both names...)

Age: 17

What i DO: well, i do lots of things i suppose. i do ... high school? i'm a junior, and i'm pretty different than everyone else. i'm louder, wierder, (a retro chick) and i speak my mind more then everyone else. i dont understand why people cant just say whats on their mind. its kind of tragic in a way.

...anyway, im an actress, i do shows and stuff when i can, so thats really my love. to be ... the main thing that everyone is looking at. making people laugh is fun to.

besides that, i dont do sports. im against sports. not against them for everyone, but against them for me. i know that i would never .. do them well. and i also think gym class should never be required...

. im obsessed wtih the 80s, specifically the movie "the breakfast club" i know everything there is to know about that movie. EVERYTHING. seriously. the 80s in general, are also REALLY AWESOME. ;) i dress like im from the 80s. its fun.

other then that... im pretty spontanous. i do almost everything on impulse. which is also, pretty liberating. :)

so.. to the pictures...-----

me in 8th grade.

freshman year (with my crazy long hair.)

this summer, in a show i did .. it was school house rock (ok that pic looks really retarded, and i dont know why, but you get the idea.)

me, after i cut my hair about 2 months ago

heres me recently, these i actually took today to send to my friends who havnt seen my new hair cut, which i did myself!

i look fadddeeed in this one.

hey. theres my hair.

the back of my hair. .... haha

my favorite one :)


so anyway, tell me what you think .


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