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i'm the NEW kid

name:  ashleigh
age:  fifteen (3-10-89)
what i do:  i do a lot of things.  i draw, write (poetry, songs, stories, and i'm actually working on a fiction book series i'd like to have published one day), i love singing (i'm in my school show choir, regular choir, and i take private voice lessons and i sing for a band), i like to read, play video games, watch musicals, comedies, and horror films, i enjoy designing clothing and if i had a sewing machine i'd make my own, but since i don't i just modify what i have, i absolutely love photography and i like playing with make-up and doing really weird stuff with it because it looks awesome.  and i like to play dress-up.  especially with lingerie.  and i like having personal photoshoots with me and my friends when we hang out =D and i eat muffins.
why i feel that i am unique:  well, i've always been the new kid, trying to fit in and trying to get people to like me.  that never worked.  so now i just do my own thing and people love me for it.  or something.  i'm completely random and spontaneous which is really fun.  and people would probably look at me and say "oh look she's an emo chick because she wears weird makeup and doesn't dress preppy" but i actually listen to classical music and broadway showtunes more than anything.  i hate when people judge me just by what i look like.  sometimes they think i look scary, sometimes i just look weird, and nobody ever even bothers to get to know me except for the few understanding ones that i know, and if they did take the time to know me they'd find out i can really be a pretty awesome person.  i don't really know if that's a good way to describe my unique-ness, but the people who know me always tell me that they've never met anyone like me before and that they probably never will.  i guess it's hard to explain myself, it's a lot easier for someone to get to know me, but i tried my best.  anywho, here's a few pictures to at least try to explain what i'm like on the outside, since my insides don't really make sense.

  i really like my eye make-up there.  i have a lot of fun with eye make-up.


 i did this on my friend

 and this is me and my best friend having buttsex.  yes, buttsex.  hey wow there's something in my pocket o.O

 and that's my seatbelt.

 my awesome dresses.  the first polka-dot one was given to me by my best male friends mother, who wants me to marry her son, and the second polka-dot one i got at good will because it's just that cool.  the other one i really don't care about, but there's bubble wrap on the wall if that counts for anything.  =P

 i took this picture from a camera phone while in the car going to cape may, nj.

some of my photography

 that was a fun picture to take.  i think it looks really cool.  and that's some of my bedroom wall.  i made the collage at the top.

 and that's my awesome polka-dot dress.  my teeth look horridly yellow, though.  bleh.

i have a feeling i submitted too many pictures and bored the hell out of you guys.  but i tried to explain myself, if that means anything.  ...does anyone here know who don hertzfieldt is?  he makes the coolest videos ever.  download some from like limewire or kazaa or something.  'cause he rocks.  and so does dane cook.  WHY DID YOU STOP AT A LEGAL RED LIGHT AND LET ME HIT YOU DOING EIGHTY!?!?!

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