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Name : Cat

Age: 19

What i DO: i work at a sandwich artist and i spell things wrong. I live in an apt with 2 crazy roomates in new port nowhere, florida...i plan on going back to college and moving to gainsville rock city..I play various instruments, my prime is the piano. i love to listen to music as well. my dream occupation would be a musician...
I dont like religeion...that is why im atheist. politics irritate me...and i have been told im quite cynical but then again ive been told by my close friends im insane crazy 0_o. Anyway, i suppose you would like to see some pictures of some sort...

the two finger salute!

me a while ago with my beeeeeanie <3

weird contrast pictures:

i dunno what i was doin¤t=Picture_35.jpg
i <3 kittie!
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