Aryn (wishofthenight) wrote in dejectedxstarr,

This community Looks like its dying

This community looks like its dying, and I really can't find any good 'unique' and harsh rating communities, so if theres anyone here, please check out my BRAND NEW community. Yes, there are only 2 posts, but it's only been really up and running for like a day and a half, and every community has to start SOMEWHERE.

Image hosted by

Join ____bestfreaks! A rating community based on intelligence rather than looks. At ____bestfreaks, we are sick and tired of communities that judge by looks or musical tastes. We welcome the intellectuals, the freaks, the rejects, the unique! We may be harsh, but we only want the best freaks!

First Fifteen Applicants are Automatically Accepted!

I'm sorry if this is REALLY against any rule, and I will take it down if you want...
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