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I'm unique, NOT like everyone else..

The Unique
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This is a rating community.

The Rules
1. You have 48 hours from joining to add your post. If it's not up by then, we'll delete you.

2. Make a post telling us your name, age, and what you do. And then, under that, we want a reason why you feel you are Unique, not like everyone else. I don't want to see every post telling me how much they love music. Give us examples of what makes you different that others.

3. Post 1 - 5 pictures along with it behind a lj-cut tag. If you cannot do that, the post will be deleted. Sorry.

4. Do not comment on anyone else's post until you are accepted. You may, however, make as many comments as you like in your post.

5. Don't start fights with members. Remember, you asked for their opinion.

6. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Erin and Ali. dejectedxstar@yahoo.com

1. After you're stamped, please try and vote on everyone. Failure to do so for a long period of time will result in deleting you from our members.

2. When voting, don't vote yes to everyone. If you don't like them or what they said, don't be afraid to say no.

3. If you decide you don't wanna be in the community anymore, please either email me or leave a comment. Then, I can delete you from the members. Don't just stop voting. Thanks.

4. I want a total of 12 votes of new posts before I stamp them.

5. Do not advertise for your other communities unless you get permission from one of us first.

That's it. Now, go join.

fakepaperstar & starletali

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Member List
1&2. fakepaperstar & starletali
3. emmidahling
4. casangel35
5. fanoftheatre
6. danilee
7. chickyboo
8. sphinxgurl
9. dansetothe80s
10. kungfumunkie
11. interpretations
12. baha_mama
13. shadypoof
14. historyavenger
15. my0wnw0rstenemy
16. hellafab
17. aphroditeisis
18. moonsplendor
19. molkonator
20. deletexyourself
21. magentawaters
22. waf
23. onestarry_night
24. some_one_scary
25. dieindaydreams
26. unscathed3
27. errantly
28. krazzy_kath
29. aino_jess
30. cractoutwhor