None yo' beeees (fuckxmexharder) wrote in dejectedxstarr,
None yo' beeees


Name: Jesicka

Age: 15

What you do: Volunteering, singing, fundraising, writting. Anything I can do to help change the world, and  differ myself from the 'scene' obsessed youth of today.

What makes me unique:  I am  not a music obsessed, angsty teenager who bitches about how the world owes them something, I do not purposely hurt my body with booze,  drugs and ciggarettes to make myself 'hardcore', and I give a shit about life and realize how lucky I am to live in a Country with so much to offer. I do not eat meat, dairy, or eggs and I refuse to kill anything, whether its a spider or a deer. I refuse to wear clothing made from child labor, or from any animal dyes/skin/fur.



My boyfriend, Kyela nd I

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